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BFIT was formed by innovative and creative minds who have a wealth of knowledge in various industries. BFIT follows the KISS principle. Our solutions to your problems are practical and simple. Our ability to keep things simple helps us in providing economical digital solutions.


Whether it is software development, or making your existing applications more customer
friendly, or helping your organisation’s presence be felt in the Digital World, we are at hand.
We make you look beautiful on the web and mobile space.

Have an idea?

Digitalise it. Talk to us about how we can help you convert your ideas (improving a process using technology) into web or mobile applications. We do it very well because we have developed plenty of our own ideas into applications already.

Engage your customers

UI/UX is an important aspect when developing applications. A good UI/UX provides your customer with a good feeling. The difference is in the angry clicks and the soft one touch. We know how a poorly developed application can frustrate a customer, we are customers too, not just tech geeks.

Digital marketing

To survive in the digital world, just transforming digitally is not enough. Your digital marketing strategy lets your consumers know that you are there for them. We can help with formulating a web and mobile marketing strategy. Times have changed and so have customer expectations; everything needs to be in the palm of their hand, and we help you get there.

Our Product

Upgrade Your Business with
Digital Signage

As they say, necessity is the mother of all inventions. It is this necessity that led us to develop our own signage solution.

Engage with your customers using our digital signage solution. Whether you are in quick service, hospitality, retail or any other industry (hospitals, venues etc), our solution will work for you. Implementation is quick and easy, and management is even easier. Just set your schedules and forget it.

You can view the content live on the web for each screen.

The solution can be set up in 3 easy steps:

1. Set up your store, and the devices within it
2. Connect your screen to the internet
3. Turn the TV on, and follow the instructions based on the type of set up you have chosen; we currently provide Windows, LG Web OS, Tizen, Web Browser, iOS and Android versions.

You're ready to go!

Start engaging your customers with beautiful images, videos, animations and promotions about your business and your products/Services.

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